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  • Pray for the lord to bless my online business and give me true top marketing skills and find an on true system that truly generate the free quality and cheap massive Leads and traffic systems online as well as conversions for my DS domination & IPAS2 , GVO, global domain, stifforp , empower network BUSINESS and also to Protect my online business in all areas, both seen and unseen forces. pray for me to meet a true mentor and expert in online marketing that bring in results and true friend. I CAN Retire now and also bless the church given back. thank you
    charles wright - Nov 08 2014
  • Please pray I am in urgent need. My son Shane who is a paraplegic, has a drug addiction to ice. It is so addictive, he looks terrible. This is breaking my heart into pieces, as he is hanging with some bad people, please God help him and protect him, so he can give up this terrible drug. To protect him from his Auntie Carole, who is spreading malicious gossip about him, and being nasty to him. Her gossip is hurting people. Thankyou God.
    Cindy Schultz - Oct 30 2014